Master Adrien Silverstone

Adrien Silverstone was born in 1955. He practices and teaches Feng Shui Traditional Chinese astrology (Ba Zi or 4 Pillars of Destiny) and Taoist I Ching. It is also traditional Reiki master teacher. Coach and therapist training, Adrien discovers the I Ching in the work of Carl G. Jung but his encounter with a Chinese master in Taoist I Ching, which will decide their shift.

Although extremely skeptical, Adrien discovers the relevance of the answers provided by this method virtually unknown in the West.


Adrien discovered a real passion for this system to become the best pupil of the master. This naturally led him to explore other traditional Chinese arts like Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, it will receive Master Song Wei Long, his old master passed away today.

The transmission of teaching standards of the old master will be in the tradition and it was a great honor for Adrien receive it the name "son".

Shortly before leaving this plane of existence, this one says to him, "in China we have a saying that the wave of the ocean is still covered by the following ... You are the new wave."

Adrien Silverstone bases its practice on solid fundamentals and not on too many superstitions carried by the propagators of a commercial Feng Shui.