Master Jo Ching

With the strong conviction to help people to overcome challenges in life, he devotes almost all his time in the pursuit of Chinese metaphysics as he feels that this is one of the fastest ways to influence and create an impact on someone’s life.

After graduating from the National University of Singapore with a 2nd Class Upper Honours degree in Building, he combined his profession with his Feng Shui passion. Jo is often sought after by business owners for his expertise in helping companies to boost their sales and predict their industry’s performance. He is also often engaged by new start-ups, entrepreneurs and established companies to help them to make calculated moves, predict ups and downs of business cycles using Feng Shui and other astrological means and steer them towards success.

Jo had his first experience with Chinese Metaphysics when he was just 9 years old. He started off with divination using Chinese Tarot Cards as well as Zhu Ge’s Oracle Method.Over the years, he traveled to understudy from several Chinese masters and researched intensively through his field work on subjects like:

- Landscaping & Yin Feng Shui
- Xuan Kong 64 Gua Feng Shui
- Xuan Kong Liu Fa
- Flying Stars
- BaZi
- Qi Men Dun Jia
- Face riding
- Astrology
- Yi Jing
- Date Selection
- Chinese name calculation

With now more than 10 years of research and practice, Jo is currently regarded as an expert and trusted authority in the Feng Shui industry, whereby companies and families have approached him for home and office selection, respectively. As a Feng Shui expert he also advises clients, not only in selection and analysis of land,houses and highrise apartments, but in solving many life’s challenges.

Many young couples have also approached Jo for home selection and sometimes requesting him to help them to overcome difficulties in conception.

He has brought numerous joys and made great differences to their lives through the use of classical Feng Shui solutions.