Master Mas Kehardthum

Hailed as the new Rock Star of the Feng Shui world, scientific Feng Shui researcher Master Mas has dedicated almost three decades of his life researching, learning, testing out theories and decoding hidden secrets of Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics. In modern times, Master Mas is the only known Feng Shui Master who brought about so many new revelations, viewpoints, and understanding of space, time and qi which is a result of his relentless observation of nature’s transformation that is evident in his authoritative landform and space-time study.


In his quest for the true Feng Shui knowledge, he traveled around the world to research Feng Shui and learn from several direct descendants and world renowned Feng Shui Masters. It is not surprising that his expertise extends to all facets of the Chinese "Five Arts" metaphysical studies, including traditional Chinese medicine.

When no other master dared, Master Mas verified the “Auspiciousness of the San Sha Theory”. With more than 1,000 real-life case studies, he achieved spectacular and consistent results.

He is also credited as the world’s first developer of the innovative “Feng Shui Programs” for PDA/Handheld PC/Smartphone, praised with high recognition and acceptance at the “World Feng Shui Conference 2004” in Singapore. He is also the inventor of the award-winning “sundial compass” which can be used by engineers, surveyors and architects to accurately measure directions without any magnetic interference.

It was not until after the attacks of 9/11 that Master Mas’s popularity soared. During his extraordinary Feng Shui audit of the Twin Towers in New York, he requested his client to move out of the building because of impending danger, just two months before the tragic event. He made headlines in the press and the media. Many banking institutions profited when he predicted, two years ago, the financial crisis we are experiencing now. In addition, his flourishing research- based Feng Shui practice has a very long list of satisfied corporate and private clients.

Right now, he is one of the most exciting speaker and sought after Feng Shui trainer and consultant in Asia and around the world.

Master Mas rocks!