Change your life !

In the Universe, all is energy, nothing was left to chance. From the atom to the stars, the Universe is structured, ordained and hierarchized. The slightest part of the body does not escape this order.


Feng Shui is the Art and Science of  capturing the positive energy of our environment to better serve and improve our health, to favour material abundance, harmonious family, love and social relationships. We treat our body to acupuncture, shiatsu or other natural medicines. Why not pay more attention to the energy linked to our environment???

Feng Shui, Wind and Water: they shape our landscape. Those forces are active everywhere, under multiple shapes and particularly in the movement of Energy.


Actions speak louder than words.

Why do we feel at peace and happy in certain settings and ill at ease and agitated in others? Why are certain families hit with misfortune and others blessed with success and happiness? It is not by fluke. Qi (energy) is in constant movement and reacts to the forms of the environment and scenery.

I would like to help you better your lives by identifying, capturing and directing the positive Energy (Sheng Qi) that surrounds you, and  make it work for you. The negative Energy (Sha Qi) we will simply avoid. Health, prosperity, Love and happiness are there, you have a right to enjoy them all. My expertise allows me to help you. I am what you would call “a doctor of the environment” and it will have direct effect on your body and your life.

Your Success is my Success !