Seen and unseen

You Cannot See the Wind Blowing Through Bamboo but the Movement of the Bamboo indicates that the Wind is Very Real… Believe me When I say that the Seen and the Unseen shape every aspect of our lives…

One of the most important things to know about Feng Shui is that it really exists at two levels at the same time:

The first level is what you can see (which I will call the ‘seen’) and the second level is what you can’t see – but it’s still there (I will call this the ‘unseen’).  Understanding these two levels brings the most powerful results in Feng Shui – so let’s explore this a little further…

The Seen

The seen level deals with the most obvious of problems: the front door being opposite the back door; a sloping block of land where the Chi slips away at the back of the property; the stairs that are located opposite the front door…

These are the types of Feng Shui problems that we can “see” in the environment and they are generally easy to remedy using substitute interior design features or other creative objects – unless there are outstanding problems within the environment.

Then there is the unseen…

The Unseen

The unseen deals with what you cannot see but is still there. For instance:
–  we cannot see the rays of the sun – and yet we can still get sunburnt
–  we cannot necessarily see if someone’s leg is broken – and yet they cannot walk
–  we cannot see if someone has cancer or a tumor, but they are very sick and could be dying…

We live in what we think is a very visible, seen world, and yet so many aspects of our lives are invisible or unseen.

For instance, human emotions are unseen. And the experts say that ninety percent of our communication is unseenand yet… we still understand it!  In fact, we are so adept at understanding unseen emotions that we can understand love – even if its displayed with anger at the same time and we know the difference between these two complex emotions intuitively.

Another example is when someone is lying to us or manipulating us… often we do feel it or know it intuitively for some reason…  We look at the person and we feel it, we know it and yet lying is not really something you can see through the eyes… I mean it’s not like seeing your front door opposite the back door or a staircase now is it.

So the Unseen side of life is just as powerful as what you can see.

And as much as the world is a very visual world… it also has many aspects that are completely INVISIBLE.   Just because you cannot see something – it doesn’t mean it is not there.

In every aspect of your life right now: the invisible is just as powerful as what you can see visibly…

All of life consists of both the Seen and the Unseen and believe me – the Unseen is most powerful.