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My on-site feng shui consultations aim to provide you with a high quality, effective, professional consultation service, with my advice based on a thorough assessment of the feng shui, which is only possible by visiting the property during the consultation.       

Every home, business and situation is unique and therefore needs a unique application of Feng Shui during a consultation, so all of my consultations are tailored to meet the needs of the individual case.      

However over the years I have developed a working methodology for consultations to help you achieve the results you desire, which is typically as follows.


Opportunity knocks at the door only once

During the consultation I make a thorough assessment of the external environment of the property (which usually accounts for about 60 to 70% of the total influence), an equally thorough analysis of the premises themselves and an in depth assessment of your interaction with both, using authentic and traditional Feng Shui methods which I have learned from my Masters.

During the consultation this involves surveying and creating plans, taking accurate compass measurements (some calculations require measurements accurate to less than 1 degree) and doing calculations both for the building, its surroundings and room by room. I like to calculate your horoscope prior to the consultation (if you let know your birth details), but I can calculate then during the consultation if needs be. Many of the calculations which I use during a consultation combine compass measurements, shapes, colour and information from the Chinese calendar, particularly in relation to people’s horoscopes.

Then, from this step i need few days to study deeply at my office all the project. At that time, we will make a new meeting on site.

Nota : For consultations outside my area, the full Feng Shui study will be carried out on the same day or the next day.

By the end of a the second part of the consultation I will be able to tell accurately what effects a property is creating.

Then during the final stages of your consultation I’ll advise you on remedies, enhancements, cures, decorations, timing, changes to the building & its surroundings etc.

The whole consultation typically takes about 3 hours for both meeting, but can take longer for complex buildings or if during the consultation I find that I need to examine particular aspects in greater depth.

At the end I’ll provide you with a report containing the plans, part of the calculations, notes, recommendations etc. along with supporting documentation in a folder to help you to continue to use the Feng Shui in new situations if you so wish without needing a further consultation. After the consultation I also support you by phone, email and revisits if needed, and I also provide additional follow up services after the consultation if you need them.

Also I encourage you to stay in touch after your consultation and always ask if there is anything you are unsure about, especially as you are implementing changes arising from your consultation.

All of this means that my consultations are usually very good at helping people achieve their goals.


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