Selecting dates

Wedding, launch a business, moving, travelling, signing a contract ...

Timing is Everything.

Strategic Date Selection is a vital component of Traditional Feng Shui. Sometimes referred to as Auspicious Date Selection it is a tremendous catalyst for SUCCESS in any type of Business or Personal request.

Get the support of the Energy and Universe with you.

Whether it be a Grand Opening, a Ground Breaking, a Marriage, a Publicity or Marketing Campaign Launch, szigning a conctract, moving living place…everything gets that huge boost of Extra Good Fortune by understanding the Power of TIMING relative to calender and specifically, good Dates.




Numbers are, and always have been, our Code, Language of Energy in the Universe. All numbers relate to an Energetic vibration and our Birthdates contain specific information relative to our Strategic Success.

Why not utilize this Code for our betterment and the betterment of our Businesses? So many of the most powerful and successful people in the world have been doing it for centuries.

Strategic Date Selection is an ingenious mathematical system that is an absolute necessity in my Traditional Feng Shui practice.

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