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Buy or rent/sale a land, house, condominium, business, stock market ...

Make the best choice !

Starting a business? Relocating? You can use Feng Shui for land/home/business selection to get the most propitious start and make the right choice. 

Land Development, choosing your new house, buying a house, moving, buying a business, …. is a favorite aspect of my work. The goal is to make matching the timing and the right location.

It is always exciting to help the people create a successful choice from their vision.

For exemple : Optimum Road Placement, Feng Shui Landscaping to offset existing issues, water features, and an intimate understanding of the Environmental Energy of the Land, is truly what I am trained for. Any Land development, regardless of scope or size, will benefit from Traditional Feng Shui procedures relative to when, where and what to build. Understanding Strategic Timing Formulas and understanding How to utilize that Property at the appropriate Time is also crucial to the Owners’ success.

Too often, without a clear idea of what area of that Land should be built out first, results in lack luster SALES. Even the location and positioning of the Sales Office can impact overall Sales and Marketing performance.

And you can apply the same theory for relocating, buying a house/business, rent, …..

Everything must be created with the Future in mind. I have been trained not only to focus on the present but incorporate what I call “Built In Luck”, simply put to insure that the next 20 to 40 to 60 years are all as successful as the Present.


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