The Code Member responsibilities to the Public, to the Client, and to each other are as follows:

Client Guidelines

· Consultants shall act in the best interest of their client to ensure the best possible outcome.

· The professional manner of consultants towards clients should be positive, supportive, and competent, without making unsustainable promises about the outcome of any consultation.

· A Feng Shui consultation should not be performed with the intent of taking advantage of the client and/or their perceived economic worth.

· A consultant should never instill fear or put pressure on clients, their family or staff by arousing unsubstantiated fear or anxiety for their health or well-being. Consultants should not exploit vulnerability or ignorance or abuse trust.

· Consultants shall hold all information provided by the client as private and confidential and not disclose any information or photographs about the client, their family or project, without express prior consent of the client.

· Consultants should ensure that the client understands the recommendations given during or after their Feng Shui consultation.


Education and Training

· Member consultants are expected to expand their knowledge and skills through continuing education as part of their professional growth, and are encouraged to support the development of the Feng Shui profession worldwide.


Professional Integrity

· The Feng Shui expert shall provide professional service and behavior (whether paid or unpaid) to the public and clients, ensuring their safety physically, spiritually, and psychologically. The consultant commits to maintaining integrity, dignity and honesty.

· Advertising of Practitioners’ services, background and skills is accurate, ethical and dignified in tone and does not contain unsuitable testimonials or claims.

· The Feng Shui expert consultants shall only undertake professional work and responsibility which by training and experience they are competent to perform.

· Practitioner personal beliefs should not prejudice interactions with regard to a client's lifestyle, culture, belief, race, color, gender, sexuality, age, social status or perceived economic worth.


Service Projects

· The Feng Shui expert performing Community Service projects shall adhere to professional standards of conduct and ethics, shall maintain client privacy, and shall always act in the best interest of the client.

· No participant in Community Service group consultations may benefit professionally or financially or use the client as a reference without express permission of the client and the agreement of other participant members.

Laws, Regulations, Codes

· The Feng Shui expert shall comply with all existing national, state and local laws as well as regulation and codes governing building, civil, criminal and general business procedures as established by all applicable jurisdictions in which they practice.