事实胜于雄辩 - Actions speak louder than words.

At the time I started with Gerald, I was really looking for career progression and to be in a better place financially. After a thorough analysis, he concluded that on the family side the flat was very positive, which was true. For the rest, he advised to put some cure in the form of water feature in very specific places to improve my career path and to help the financial side. 4 months later, I was offered to take a much higher position, with a much better package. It is a real step up that seemed to come out of the blue. I

Jimmy, Phuket (Thailand) -

I was setting up my new business and I was one of the lucky ones Gerald offered his Feng Shui consulting experience to. I did not know how Feng Shui could help me with my Kung Fu business. I know that this is very common in Asia and in particular in Singapore and Hong Kong to consult a Feng Shui consultant for your business. I was also very curious to see how it worked. With Feng Shui, Gerald has managed to give me a clear map and a practical tool to help me solve very specific business questions. This is a new level of coaching and I will not hesitate to recommend him.

Sergio, Central (Hong Kong) -

Working with Gerald has been a dream! When it comes to Feng Shui Gerald really knows his stuff, and is extremely generous with his time and informations. He is both intuitive and practical, making his advice totally bespoke and easy to implement. Gerald walks her talk, and is truly authentic in what he has to offer. He is professional and stylish, yet wise and full of knowledge. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Kelly, Bangkok (Thailand) -

I was selling my house thinking i would have to take a loss. Gerald as friend since chilhood told me what to do and was available for me to ask uestions and review photos of my progress to make sure i did everything right. I got 8 offers on my house and sol dit for over 20% of my initial price.

Philipp, Boston (Usa) -

Gerald is awesome, he is so knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. Feng Shui is not magic, Feng Shui is a philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with their surrounding environment. When you feel unbalanced, when you feel nothing goes right in your life, that can be because of unbalanced energies around you. It never worked well for me until I met Gerald and he explained to me how everything works and helped me change things around my home. Now I feel happiness, joy, and peace. I would recommend The Feng Shui expertise to everyone. Consult with him and see how everything can change in a positive way.

Natalia, Phuket (Thailand) -

Gérald est doté d'une compétence hors du commun. J'ai fait l'expérience de sa souplesse intellectuelle et de son ouverture d'esprit. Il a un vrai sens de l'humain, et sait aller au-delà des apparences. Mes résultats sont spectaculaires.

André, Bordeaux (France) - 18/12/2016 17:00:33