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- Balance your living space, unite yourself to happiness.

- Harmonize your home, business, apartment, ...

- Connect to the energy of Heaven and Earth.

- Live a perfect couple relationship. 

- Use all the secrets of Feng Shui to support you !

- Live in abundance and success. Increase your finances !

My on-site feng shui consultations aim to provide you with a high quality, effective, professional consultation service, with my advice based on a thorough assessment of the feng shui, which is only possible by visiting the property during the consultation.       

Every home, business and situation is unique and therefore needs a unique application of Feng Shui during a consultation, so all of my consultations are tailored to meet the needs of the individual case.      

However over the years I have developed a working methodology for consultations to help you achieve the results you desire, which is typically as follows.


Feng Shui on site

House Land Business Condo
0 to 100 sqm
100 to 200 sqm
200 to 350 sqm

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