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Distance consulting service

- Get the best of Feng Shui with an online consultation !

- Quick and efficient analyse.

- A great expertise with guaranteed results.

- Receive a full and complete report.

- Optimize all aspects of your life.

- A true traditional Feng Shui accessible anywhere in the world.

Distance feng shui consultations are useful if for some reason ... you are unable to have a consultant visit your home/business/land.

They can also be particularly useful if you need the consultation quickly, as I can often fit the work in at shorter notice than if I'm visiting.

Although they are very similar to an on-site consultation, the information available to me without visiting your property is usually more limited than if I visit. This does usually constrain the methods which I can use and depth to which I can take the analysis.However, that is still much broader and deeper than most practitioners are able to go even when on-site. It does mean thoughthat my email recommendations are not always so effective as those from my on-site visits.


SURFACE House Townhouse Appartment Office
0 to 100 sqm
100 to 200 sqm
200 to 350 sqm
+ 350 sqm

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