What is Traditional Feng Shui ?

Traditional Feng Shui is not a commercial Feng Shui !!!

Traditional Feng Shui is a highly technical and mathematical Science and Art that utilizes advanced timing techniques and complex formulas to access the very best energies of the surrounding landform and apply that information to benefit every built environment. When this Balance of Nature and Man is achieved – the end result is nothing short of an excellent personal and professional life for the people who reside there.


Traditional Feng Shui is very different than the more diluted, commercialized types of Feng Shui practiced today.  One must be chosen by a true Feng Shui Master and then pass all the rigorous tests and trials and it takes many years of intense study and training.



Landscape never lie, Formula "Li Qi" is not all the time correct.

Traditional Feng Shui is truly the purest form of Feng Shui in the world. It is also the most effective as the mathematical formulas are highly advanced, perfected over centuries, and extremely precise.

Traditional Feng Shui is not a religion and much more a Science than an art. It is all about understanding the land, its relationship to our built environment and optimizing where we are to improve everything about how we are.

Traditional Feng Shui is a lifetime of work. It is not a weekend, nor a month nor merely a year of studies. It is a lifetime of dedicated and devoted focus. It is truly more my vocation than a career. However, a vocation I feel humbled and blessed to have been fortunate enough to be taught and privileged to continually share with my clients.